4-18-10: Mouse Pinch

4-18-10, Sunday


*Notes: Full pull. Actually felt like a max lift so that’s not a good sign. Walked around for a while and did some slow and easy bodyweight squats to get more blood flowing.
*Notes: Full pull. Beats my 2-week old current max by 2lbs. Felt like I had a few more pounds in me so I added a little weight.
*Notes: Only got about 2″ of air. Didn’t feel like my hands were getting any traction. Gave it another shot after a rest.
*Notes: Full pull. Another increase on my current max is always good! Most I’ve pulled on the Mouse Pinch is 180lbs. I believe that was in March of 2009.

*Overall Notes: Since this is the Mouse Pinch version of the Euro Pinch apparatus, it’s attached to a loading pin so the starting height is significantly higher than when using the normal two plates sandwiched together setup. I video every pull from 150lbs and up so I know whether I pulled it high enough to equate to a full lift on a contest 2HP setup. I am alternating between my 2HP setup utilizing (2) 35s and the Mouse Pinch every workout. That will keep my technique solid on a contest setup while still allowing me to work with my Mouse Pinch set at 47mm. My 2HP setup with the (2) 35s is 64mm.

My next Mouse Pinch workout will be focused on working with larger widths than my 47mm setting. I’ve experimented with different widths before in previous workouts, but I still remember Chris Rice telling me at one of the Michigan Grip contests that’s what helped him bring his up so high.

I’ve always wondered if the elite 2HPers actively try to pronate or supinate their wrists when they’re setting up and then pulling the weight.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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