6-23-10: Mouse Pinch & Inch Snatch

6-23-10, Wednesday


-101X1, -146X1

-172-MISS…only pulled about 1″

-172-MISS…only pulled about 3″

-172X1…full lift, strong lift, but tore my left thumb web badly

*Overall Notes: Crap pinch workout.  Humidity in my garage is epic.


-87X1-right hand…fast and smooth

-92X1-right hand…fast and smooth

-100X1-right hand…might’ve been a slight pressout, was hard to tell on video

-100X1-right hand…no pressout, fast and pretty smooth

-120-pull to nipple height-right hand…didn’t expect much at this weight, but not terrible

*Overall Notes: Goal is to snatch 117lbs to match the Baby Inch weight before the end of the year.  That would put me in good company since Nick McKinless and a few others have snatched that weight.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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