7-30-10: 29lb Braemar Stone

7-30-10, Friday


Today was my first time working with the Braemar style of throwing the stone.  The only other time I’ve thrown a stone was at the Ledaig Highland Games 2 Saturdays ago.  My first throw that day was Braemar style and then with a glide on the next 2 attempts.  So everything today will be a PR in other words. 

-@ 15 feet-right hand

-@ 16 feet-right hand

-@ 15 feet-right hand, -@ 10 feet-left hand

-@ 16 feet-right hand, -@ 12.5 feet-left hand

-@ 17.5 feet-right hand, -@ 12 feet-left hand

-@ 18 feet-right hand, -@ 13 feet-left hand

-@ 18 feet-right hand, -@ 15 feet-left hand

*Overall Notes: These last throws will be my marks to beat in my next practice with the 29lb Braemar Stone.  Thanks to my in-laws, Deb & Walt, for the great smooth river stone! 

Really had to concentrate on getting into a low crouching position and then firing out of the hole as quickly as possible and then trying to keep my elbow high to get more distance on the stone.  Considering I managed to throw it 2 feet longer when I really made an effort to do both of those things, that’s a really good outcome for such a small technique tweak. 

Lefty is obviously shorter than my right mainly because of my previous shoulder injuries.  It didn’t hurt it much to throw the stone though.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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