8-15-10: 10lb and 29lb Braemar Stone – then MWFD

8-15-10, Sunday


Used a 10lb medicine ball and it is about the perfect size to replicate a much heavier stone while still being quite a bit underweight so I can work more on developing speed. 

-2 throws per hand

*Notes: Didn’t measure these as I did them for a warmup on the heavier stone. 


-17′ righty…12.5′ lefty

-17.5′ righty…12′ lefty

-16′ righty…12′ lefty

-17.5′ righty…13′ lefty

-17′ righty…11′ lefty

*Notes: Pretty pleased with this session even though I didn’t break my PR with the 29lb Braemar Stone.  I worked on getting my legs into the the throw and focused on a more explosive throw and twist of the waist.  It didn’t automatically translate into a longer throw, but it felt like I had the ability to throw farther if I hadn’t done some training before this event.


Middle Weight For Distance is what I’m calling this event.  Put my 3lb handle on my 35lb kettlebell and got to throwing.  Very disappointed with my results on this.  I really tried to focus on getting faster on the turn (I do a single turn and even that looks terrible on video review) but it didn’t work for me at all.  I’ll have to have someone coach me a bit to get even halfway good at this event.








*Notes: 24.5′ was my best throw and that was terribly slow on the turn and the release felt awkward to the extreme.  I thought using a much lighter weight than the 56lb weight would increase my learning exponentially.  But I was wrong.  Might go a lot lighter in the next workout and see if I can learn it that way. 

My 56lb WFD in my only games was about 15′.  The 28lb WFD was about 32′.  The only good thing about those numbers is that they’re horrible – so I should be able to do nothing BUT improve on them in my next outing.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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