8-29-10: LWFD, MWFD, Scottish Hammer, Braemar and Open Stone

8-29-10, Sunday


-5 throws, none measured.  Used this weight to get used to the movement and work on moving my feet quicker in the single turn.  Might’ve messed up my subsequent throws with the 38lb MWFD though because my numbers were down quite a bit on that even though my form felt smoother.


-6 throws.  Best was only 19′.  That is 6′ under my only other practice at this weight about 2 weeks ago.  Not good to be going down in distance but I was working on making the throws smoother and more relaxed, with better footwork.  So I knew there was a possibility that my distances would go down for a while.  Will continue to work with no more than this weight for a while and see what carryover it has to the 56lb HWFD in a month or so.


-5lbs for 2 sets of 6 winds-counterclockwise (hard) and clockwise (easy).  Still trying to get the feel of doing the winds clockwise so I’m taking it easy and not trying to swing hard yet.  Working on my speed counterclockwise and videotaped both sets to make sure they’re quite a bit faster than the winds I did with 10lbs and 15lbs recently.  They turned out to be significantly faster of course so I’ll keep the weight there a while or move up in very small increments so that my speed development doesn’t suffer.

BRAEMAR STONE-10lb Medicine Ball

-4 throws righty and 3 throws lefty.  Best righty was 31′.  Best lefty was 21′.  Difference of 10′ is quite large but my left shoulder doesn’t like to move fast.  There is less of a distance difference between the two when I’m throwing heavier stones for that reason.  Nothing to be proud of since the weight is so low.  The squishiness of the medicine ball takes a bit off the distance though I think.  But it’s 8″ diameter so it feels more like what a Braemar Stone will in a comp compared to something small like a shot put.  Didn’t foot-foul on any attempts so I’m making strides there.

OPEN STONE-10lb Medicine Ball

-4 throws righty.  Lefty was tender so I skipped it.  Best throw was 28′.  Had 2 foot fouls on both of my 28′ throws so they don’t really count anyway.  The obvious issue is that I threw less distance than when using Braemar.  My movement is ridiculously inefficient when it comes to throwing.  Tried a spin once and almost hit the house so I crossed that off the list until I get some kind of grace for X-mas.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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