Talked to Adam Glass today

Talked to Adam Glass today.  We didn’t have long to talk since I was going to work and he was busy too.  But the 5 minutes or so that we did talk got me fired up to train hard for whatever goals/feats/demos I have chosen to work towards this year and next.  For now, those goals are all Highland Games related.  I won’t mention Adam’s goals but I will say they are HUGE and I have no doubt that he’ll hit all of them and then set higher goals.  One of his goals in particular is going to be on my watchlist.   

There are many reasons he’s being sought after as a strength training phenom.  One of those reasons is his ability to talk to anyone and make you feel like you’re the only person in the room.  That only your goals matter at that moment in time.  He is quick to lend a hand if someone asks for help and also quick to ask for help if it’s an area outside of his expertise.  Asking for help when you’re at his level is more impressive to me than being able to answering 99% of the training questions ever asked.  It shows humility. 

We only talked briefly about biofeedback and The Movement.  Both are hot topics on strength training forums and grip strength forums. 

I have not bought his Grip And Rip 2.1 (or earlier version) DVD, but if I had the funds it would have been on order the second Adam released it for purchase to the general public.  Adam is being generous offering the Grip And Rip 2.1 DVD at the price it’s listed at.  I have talked to a few guys who believe it would sell at 5 times the cost he is asking, and that’s not exaggerating one bit.  I keep tabs on the Twitter account dedicated to the PRs that people are making with biofeedback (The Movement) and I can tell you that I (and you if you don’t buy it!) am missing out on some huge gains right now without the Grip and Rip 2.1 DVD.  Buy your copy and smash through your plateaus and take your strength to levels that you never thought possible! 

Adam has done it all in the grip world.  Closes #3s like they’re Trainers.  Bends big steel in any style with any pads.  Pinches weight with one hand that most people would have trouble with 2 hands.  Does huge double overhand Axle deadlifts.  You name it, he’s done it.  What I consider to be his best lift right now is the 2″ vbar.  He has demolished weights that have previously been excellent numbers on the 1″ vbar and unchartered territory on the 2″ vbar. 

Do you want to get better, faster, or stronger today?


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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