9-15-10: LWFD, Braemar, and Light Hammer

9-15-10, Wednesday


-8 throws righty.  None lefty.  Did Braemar with my 10lb medicine ball lefty instead.  Then 1 throw righty with the medicine ball.  Best throw was my 2nd at 29’6″.  Nothing to write home about and the rest got progressively worse.  Here was the rundown:

27’6″ – 29’6″ – 26’6″ – 25’6″ – 15′ (hit a tree in my yard!) – 26′ – 24’6″ – 24′

*Overall Notes: Really not a bad workout considering it had rained quite a bit today and the ground was pretty muddy.  I finally quit when my left foot kept sliding all over the place during my windup. My 5th throw actually hit a tree in my yard.  A big tree.  One that I can usually avoid hitting.   


-8 throws lefty and 1 righty with my 10lb medicine ball.  Best throw lefty was 23’2″. Best righty was 27’6″. 


-1 set of 4 winds counterclockwise and 1 set of 4 winds clockwise with 15lbs.  Just made my own hammer trainer from PVC and it is excellent!  I love how it actually flexes, unlike the dowel I was using the other times I’ve trained winds.  Need to get my wife out in the yard to start training it too since we’ll be doing light and heavy hammer in the Kirksville Games. 

Finished the workout feeling great and wanting to do more.  Figured that was a good time to end it and know that I put some good effort into the workout but now it’s time to recover.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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