10-5-10: Light Hammer

10-5-10, Tuesday


-10 throws in a field.  1 of those throws was clockwise (I’m right-handed so this felt weird) and went about as far as I thought it would compared to my standard throws – not far.  I didn’t measure my throws with a tape but instead just measured my normal strides to make the workout faster.  My best throw was 24 steps (about 66 feet) and was my last (10th) throw so I’m pleased with that.  That must mean that I take a while to warm up and I’ll keep that in mind on games day.  This beats my previous best by about 5′ and possibly a bit more than that.  Now I need to put that into play at the games.  6 of my throws were at 21 steps.  21 steps is about 57′.  Definitely making good progress if 7 of my throws today were better than my best throw at my first games.  Only to be expected though with some practice.

*Notes: Carrie also threw with me and she had some good throws.  She threw the women’s Light Hammer and she looked pretty smooth on the winds and the release too.  I’m convinced her form looks better than mine already which makes me a bit jealous, but more proud of her than anything.

My throws were okay for the most part but I’m still very disappointed in my lack of speed on the winds.  My release feels like it’s okay right now.  More drilling, more winds, more throws.  Getting better will be a lot of fun because I like throwing the hammer and then walking out to retrieve it.  The more powerful I get, the more “cardio” I’ll get from walking out to pick up the hammer and back to throw it again.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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