1-4-11: Back to some heavier grip training – and tested my back

1-4-11, Tuesday

It’s been almost a month since I injured my back (bulging disc) so today’s workout made me nervous even with small weights.  The USAWA National Grip Championships are in mid-February so I’ve only got about a month to try to make up some lost ground.  It’s apparent that my back is going to hold me back by a large margin on all the events. 

Decided to test my back with the Double Overhand Axle Deadlift today.  My best lift is 380lbs but that was back in mid-2009 when I was actually training it.  I think that without the back injury I’m good for about 350lbs on the axle any day of the week.  I was prepared to be happy with 225lbs today though, as long as there was no pain or re-injury.  I pulled everything sumo since that’s the only style of deadlift that doesn’t put my back in a precarious position.



-203×1     *Notes: Felt very weak but didn’t have any pain. 

-273×1     *Notes: No pain again, and it felt a bit better than 203 did.  Could already feel that my back was about at its limit for a while though. 

-304×1     *Notes: Pulled this one awfully slow because I was worried about quick movements.  My back was a little tender after this pull so I didn’t try any more today.  Even at this low weight it was plenty to worry me about re-injury.  Left hand was really strange and lost its grip at the very beginning of the pull but I held onto it anyway with just fingertips by the time I lowered it under control to the ground. 

This will be my baseline to work from for the contest.  I’ve had to drastically lower my goals for the contest post-back injury.  That’s okay though because it’ll be nice to see everyone again and the friendly competition is always welcome.  Just wish I was going to be 100% so I could hold my own better for the most part. 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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