1-11-11: 2 Hand Pinch and 2″ Vbar

It was time for another USAWA National Grip Championships workout.  It was about 15 degrees in my garage, even with a small electric heater laboring about 5 feet away.  I didn’t necessarily “feel” weak.  But that low temp sure doesn’t help on any of the friction lifts. 

1-11-11, Tuesday


The 2HP was done according to USAWA rules.  That’s different from the standard grip comp format in two ways.  1) The lift has to be pulled to “lockout” – or as close as the body can get.  Essentially until the legs lock out.  2) The weight has to be held motionless at the lockout position for a referee’s “down” command.  Both of these sap a bit from my already weak 2HP numbers. 

Best pull today was 160lbs.  Tried going a bit higher but it was a no lift.   


This wasn’t done with USAWA rules.  So I only needed to pull the weight 2″ off the ground and no pause at the top was necessary.  Should’ve gone way higher than what I ended up with but it just wasn’t a strong day on the 2″ vbar for me. 

Best pull was 233 with both hands.

*Overall Notes: Disappointing grip workout – even with the low temp.  Not a waste of time though.  I’m convinced that training in cold weather like I have for 10 winters has some good carryover to contest settings.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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