1-17-11: Saxon Snatch and Saxon Deadlift

I’ll get a picture up of the Saxon Plank that I won in a silent auction a few days ago at the Dino Strongman Challenge at Al’s Dino Gym in Abilene, Kansas.  Thom Van Vleck was kind enough to drop it off at my house on his way back to Missouri. 

Al Myers made the Saxon Plank with the story of Arthur Saxon’s alleged ability to one-hand snatch a 90lb wooden plank with a 3″ diameter.  Here is a great picture of Arthur on the cover of his book from 1906:

The Saxon Plank that I won in the auction is essentially a loadable 3″ diameter wooden surface.  The pictures will help explain.  Snatching it will obviously be much harder than snatching a similar weight on a barbell or even a 2″ diameter axle.  Because the surface is squared it’s even harder to turn the wrists over at the top of a snatch.  I had a very short time to work out yesterday with my new grip tool so I had to take bigger jumps than I normally would have to test for a true max.  The Saxon Plank weighs 26.4lbs empty. 

1-17-11, Monday


-Empty-x1     *Notes: Snatched it empty and that was difficult due to my very limited range of motion in my left shoulder – at least overhead.  Made sure that the wood gripping area was liberally coated with chalk and my hands were too.

-79×1     *Notes: Snatched it pretty easily – but as I expected, turning the wrists over at the top was challenging even at this light weight. 

-100-MISS     *Notes: High pulled it to the point where my hands were about chin height.  Think I would’ve been successful with about 90lbs if I had gone back down in weight.  But I decided to add some weight and try some deadlifts instead.


-168-MISS     *Notes: Felt like I was almost strong enough to clear the floor with this weight.  But I chose way too high for a full lift so I took quite a bit of weight off for a 2nd attempt.

-149×1     *Notes: This was a max lift.  Deadlifted to full lockout and held for a short pause at the top.  Then lowered it under control.  Now I have a baseline to work from.  

*Overall Notes: I know I can up these numbers a little bit in the next workout just by virtue of getting the chalk worked into the wood a bit more by then.   


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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