1-18-11: MMS Grippers

Just like I thought, when I went back to using chalk on my hands and grippers I’d slam some grippers.  No PRs today but I was strong and got some “no doubt” closes on a few good grippers today.  Left hand is still in a big downward slump and I don’t know why.

1-18-11, Tuesday


-Trainer-x20 reps-both hands

-Atomgripz Triple Band-x1-both hands

-146lb #3×1-both hands

-160lb #3×1-right hand, -154lb #3×1-left hand     *Notes: Slammed the 160lb #3 righty and barely closed the 154lb #3 lefty.  Have missed this #3 lefty a few times which has really surprised me since it used to be an everyday close for me lefty.

-169lb Super Elite-x1-right hand     *Notes: Very solid close on video.  Seems like the past few months this gripper has been one that I miss on a first or second attempt and then close it. 

-154lb #3-MISS-left hand     *Notes: I’m done training lefty today.  It’s too much of a bummer.  If it wants to get with the program I might give it some special time with the grippers…

-T7-x1-right hand!     *Notes: Good close! 

-T7-x1-right hand!     *Notes: Another solid close on video!  Always pleased to close this gripper.  Even though the spread is pretty narrow (2 and 5/8″) it binds up hard at the last 1/8″. 

*Overall Notes: Good strong workout today!  Afterwards I rested a few minutes and then slammed my RB300 and Todd Coenen’s hard #3.5 from parallel in a hoseclamp righty.  Well, rested a few minutes inbetween each close actually. 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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