10 days until the USAWA National Grip Championships

Just 10 more days until the USAWA National Grip Championships!  I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and maybe a few new ones too.  The level of sportsmanship at these contests is top-notch.  

About 10 competitors are signed up so far.  1 female – Felecia Simms – an accomplished Highland Games athlete will be competing.  

My preparation is going as well as it can since I’m still babying my back after injuring it the first part of December, 2010.  I haven’t had any problems lately with it but it’s definitely holding me back on my deadlift prep.  And I’m okay with that because I never want to tempt fate again and injure it like that last time.  I’ll just lift token weights on a few of the events and won’t feel bad about doing that since I’ll still be having a great time.

Here are my goals for the contest:

PINCH GRIP: 165 Pounds     *Notes: Lowered my goal to 165 pounds because the 11-year-old USAWA record is 160 pounds in the 220 pound weight class.  Anything above this will be even better.

2″ VERTICAL BAR: 220 Pounds     *Notes: I hold the left hand record of 235 pounds in the 220 pound weight class.  I don’t expect to get within 10 pounds of that even on a good day so I’ll settle for 220 pounds. 

MIDDLE FINGERS DEADLIFT: 300 Pounds     *Notes: The record is 245 pounds in the 220 pound weight class.  I pulled 275 pounds in January – so 300 pounds sounds like a nice solid goal.

DOUBLE OVERHAND AXLE DEADLIFT: 315 Pounds     *Notes: The record is 353 pounds in the 220 pound weight class.  I was targeting that number before hurting my back. 

DOUBLE OVERHAND 3″ BAR DEADLIFT: 315 Pounds     *Notes: There is no record in the 220 pound weight class yet. 

The deadlift goals are obviously very low but 315lbs is the most I’m comfortable lifting without endangering my healing back.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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