2-4-11: MMS Grippers

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last MMS Gripper workout.  I felt a bit stronger today than I did in my last workout so I guess the few TNS Gripper workouts I’ve had inbetween the MMS Gripper workouts helped to rejuvenate me somewhat. 

2-4-11, Friday


-Trainer-x20-both hands, -#1×5-both hands, -#2×1-both hands

-146lb #3×1-both hands     *Notes: Easy close on both hands. 

-160lb #3×1-both hands     *Notes: Easy close righty and barely got it shut lefty.  Still a good thing since my left hand has been in the dumps for some reason the past month or so.

-169lb Super Elite-x1-right hand     *Notes: Solid close!  About time I start closing this easy gripper with some authority again.  Don’t know what’s happened to me when a gripper like this is beating my best efforts to close it.  I was closing grippers this hard back in 2006.  Jeez…

-160lb #3-MISS-left hand     *Notes: Missed by about 1/8″. 

-T7-X1-right hand!     *Notes: Barely got it closed, but it’s still a good day when the T7 shuts.  Should send this off to be calibrated…

-154lb #3×1-left hand     *Notes: Barely closed it.

-T7-MISS-right hand     *Notes: Missed by about 1/8″. 

-T7-MISS-right hand     *Notes: Missed by a SLIVER.  Even felt closed but I reviewed the video twice and it just wasn’t quite shut.  Dang!

-154lb #3×1-right hand, -MISS-left hand     *Notes: Missed lefty by about 1/8″. 

*Overall Notes: Quit the workout on that note since I was sure that the Super Elite and T7 weren’t going to be shut again.  Didn’t feel like dropping down to the 160lb #3 and doing volume singles either.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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