3-7-11: 2″ Vertical Bar

Had a big workout yesterday because I was out in the garage cleaning.  Figured I might as well make the most of being out there for a few hours and put some grip training time in.

3-7-11, Monday


I’m still using my USAWA-spec 2″ vbar since it’s all I have.  I have a buddy who’s going to loan me his FBBC 2″ vbar soon so I can actually train a little more specifically for the KC Qualifier II grip contest on May 14th.  Things are turning around quite drastically with my 2″ vbar workouts.  Not necessarily in a good way either.  My left hand used to be noticeably stronger than my right hand but now it’s missing weights that my right is succeeding with.  Strange.

-198×1-both hands

-233×1-both hands

-250×1-right hand, -MISS-left hand.  Barely hit the 2″ height gauge.  Actually a PR on my short 2″ vbar.  I’ll be happy if it has some big carryover to the official FBBC 2″ vbar. 

-250×1-right hand, -MISS-left hand.  Barely hit the 2″ height gauge again. 

-250-MISS-both hands.  Did get about 1/2″ off the ground righty. 

*Overall Notes: Good workout but I’m not confident that my vbar strength will be much higher on the official 2″ vbar and that is cause for concern since it is usually one of my stronger events at grip comps.

About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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