3-10-11: Mouse Pinch-48mm

3-10-11, Thursday


I have 2 months until my next grip contest in Gladstone, Missouri.  So today I did something to make my Mouse Pinch training have more carryover to the contest 2-Hand Pinch event.  I stood on some stacked plates – 8″ high in total – and then pulled my Mouse Pinch singles from that height.  That height mimics the height that the Euro Pinch device stands off the ground.  So my numbers were drastically reduced.  Don’t really care though because I don’t want to be pulling 200lbs+ at my house and then go to the contest and pull my usual – 164lbs – and then kick myself for not training in a manner that’s going to be comparable to a contest setting.



-173-MISS     *Notes: Pulled about 6″.  About 2″ shy of a lift height that would pass at a contest.

-173-MISS     *Notes: Pulled about 4″.  Not good.  Going to try one more lift.

-173×1     *Notes: 3rd attempt was a full pull – on video.  Absolutely a max effort today.  The increased pulling distance really bombed my Mouse Pinch numbers down.  A lot more realistic though considering how weak my 2HP has always been.  This is a PR for pulling from an increased pulling height.  

*Overall Notes: It was about 53 degrees in my garage today.  Much better temperature for pinching compared to the 25 degrees I’ve been doing some of my pinching workouts in recently. 

180lbs is my goal for the May grip contest so 173 is not terrible with that in mind.  And I really think that pulling from the increased height will be a 1 to 1 carryover.  So if I pull 180lbs on my setup in the garage – I should pull 180lbs at least in the contest.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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