3-26-11: Axle DO Sumo Deadlift

3-26-11, Saturday



-229×1     *Notes: Still had my shoes on.  Going to take them off for the remaining pulls.

-301×1     *Notes: Shoes off.  Easy lift.  Held at the top for 2 seconds.  Back feeling pretty good at this point.

-323×1     *Notes: Shoes off.  Another easy lift.  Held at the top for a 2-count.  Back still holding up well.

-335×1     *Notes: Shoes off.  Strong lift – held for 2 seconds at the top.  Back started to announce itself at this weight.  But not in an alarming way yet.

-350×1     *Notes: Shoes off.  Very strong lift.  Held at the top for 4 seconds and then talked to the camera.  Grip was not a problem.  Back wouldn’t have allowed me to lift much more though.  Still pleased that my back was letting me lift even this much though!  I couldn’t pull 325lbs in the February USAWA grip contest – due only to my back giving me trouble. 

*Overall Notes: This was my homemade axle – which has a 1.9″ diameter.  I’ve matched my homemade axle pulls pound-for-pound with the official Apollon’s Axle when I used to have it so I’m not worried about there being any lack of carryover to the official bar we’re going to be using at the KC Qualifier II grip contest in May.  Don’t expect 350lbs to rise that day because my back still gets fatigued very easily. 

About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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