3-30-11: Mouse Pinch-48mm

3-30-11, Wednesday



-139×1     *Notes: Only a low weight but I pulled it very quickly and that felt better than my normal slow pulling speed.

-174-MISS     *Notes: Got 3″ of movement on this so I knew if I took another attempt or two that I’d pull it all the way.

-174×1     *Notes: Full pull and under control all the way up and down.  Only a PR of .6lb on this setup – standing on blocks – but I’ll take it.

-181-MISS     *Notes: Got 1/2″ of movement.

-181-MISS     *Notes: Got 6″ of movement.  Almost enough to count as a full lift.  This should equate to a pound-for-pound equal pull at the grip contest in May.

-181-MISS on 3 attempts     *Notes: No movement at all on the first 2 attempts and then only 1″ of movement on the 3rd attempt. 

*Overall Notes: I should’ve learned from my previous pinch workouts that I need to start taking Adam Glass’s advice and do some reps and not worry about trying to beat my one-rep max PR every workout.  The sooner I can do that the sooner my 2-Hand Pinch should take off.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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