4-14-11: Mouse Pinch-48mm

4-13-11, Wednesday


*Notes: Tested Mouse Pinch, Axle and MMS Grippers first and the Mouse Pinch tested much better than the other two.  Grippers tested worse so that must mean I’m still not fully recovered from my MM3 attempts from the 8th.  Broke my recent PR on this setup (standing on blocks) by 6 pounds!  For me, even a 1 pound increase is something special.  To get a 6 pound increase since my last Mouse Pinch workout is great.


-138×1     *Notes: Didn’t feel very strong on this lift – the plates felt very slick today.  Had to really buckle down and concentrate for the next sets.  Plus I worked diligently on rechalking the plates and my hands.  Then made sure I smoothed the chalk down enough where it felt like it was working its way onto the plates more securely.

-165×1     *Notes: Full lift.  Felt stronger than the 138 so I knew I had done something right with the rechalking.

-175×1     *Notes: Full lift.  Ties my best pull so far on this setup.  Good news since I felt like I could pull a bit more – as I went on to prove.

-181×1     *Notes: Another full lift!  6 pound PR from my last Mouse Pinch workout.  Got it on video and it definitely felt like I was at my max even though I pulled it to lockout. 

-186-MISS     *Notes: No movement at all.  Guess that was my clear message to stop the workout. 

About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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