4-28-11 MMS, TNS, CCS Grippers

4-28-11, Thursday



*Notes: Didn’t do any Gym Movement biofeedback testing before this workout because I already knew I was going to do MMS grippers regardless of how they tested.  It’s the first event in the upcoming (2 weeks away now!) grip contest so for me it sets the tone for the rest of the events.  This is the first workout in a long time where I closed all my mid-to-high-160lbs grippers on the 1st attempt on all of them.  No missed first attempts and then getting a good close on a 2nd attempt.  Nope, I was slamming every gripper I touched for the most part. 

Only worked my right hand for the bulk of the workout since the left isn’t being contested at the grip contest.  Makes sense because when I work my left along with my right – the left is a bit weaker on the all-important set.  Which brings my right hand down in terms of the biggest gripper I can close.  I did a few closes lefty after my right hand workout was over. 

WARMUP: -57lb Trainer-x5, -81lb #1×1, -110lb #2×1, -137lb #3×1

WORKOUT: Went with the idea that my hardest (not counting my crazy Atomgripz Penta Band and Hexa Band!) gripper would be my opener.  If I nailed it on my first attempt that would technically mean that I had no grippers in my aresenal that were harder to go up to.  Or at least no grippers that are within the realm of possibility for me to close. 

-169lb #3.5×1     *Notes: Slammed shut and held for 2 seconds!  Could’ve closed a mid-170s gripper today I think. 

-167lb Atomgripz Wide Quad Band-x1     *Notes: Another solid close and short hold!  This was a harder close than the first gripper only because the Atomgripz is 3″ wide and the #3.5 is 2 and 7/8″ wide.  That extra 1/8″ is quite noticeable on the Atomgripz. 

-167lb Super Elite-x1     *Notes: No problem on this close either.  Held shut for a second.

-166lb RB300x1     *Notes: Solid close and short hold. 

-166lb T7x1     *Notes: Closed and briefly held shut.     This gripper is about 1/16″ narrower than the RB300. 

-unrated Atomgripz Narrow Gun Metal Quad Band-x1     *Notes: Just got this gripper and wow it’s an awesome-looking gripper!  Pretty stout too with the slightly slick handles. 


*Notes: I could’ve gone on with more MMS closes but the grippers were dropping off in poundage pretty drastically (my next hardest gripper from the T7 is only about 152lbs) so I used the biofeedback testing and TNS tested well. 

-152lb Atomgripz Narrow Quad Band-x1     *Notes: Slammed shut and held for about 2 seconds!  Not bad, but not super hard either with the 2.5″ spread of this narrow gripper.  Got it on video and will get it on the Atomgripz CCS cert leaderboard soon. 

-137lb #3×1     *Notes: Just closing this easy #3 to warmdown essentially.

-129lb Atomgripz Mirror Finish Triple Band-x1     *Notes: This is a surprisingly hard gripper to TNS close.  Beautiful as it is hard to close too because of the mirror finish handles.  And it’s heavy.  Perfect gripper for collectors in other words.


*Notes: CCS didn’t actually test very well but it wasn’t necessarily “bad” either.  I decided to throw a few closes in to see if I still had a bit of juice left after the rest of this strong gripper workout.

-149lb #3×1     *Notes: Strong close.  No problem at all. 

-149lb #3×1     *Notes: Another strong close. 

*Overall Notes: An extremely good gripper workout for me today!  MMS grippers mainly.  But not bad on the TNS and CCS either.  This bodes well for the contest but I still have to be realistic and say that I probably won’t close a gripper in the 180s.  Mid-170s is a good possibility. 


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42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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