5-4-11: Power Tower Pushups

5-4-11, Wednesday


Weight was 220lbs.  Left shoulder is always going to be the limiting factor on any chest and tricep exercise.  Did these at a moderate speed.  Wasn’t trying to go really fast and bang out max reps.  I didn’t test range of motion between sets either.  I just did another set when I felt ready.  And I never went to failure on any set.  Stopped most of the sets when the rep became difficult. 

Did 44 total reps in 10 minutes.  Not impressive by anybody’s standards – but I was still pleased because I was finally able to do a chest and tricep exercise with minimal shoulder pain!  Again, not trying to break any strength records either – although I think a large portion of my training will still be with weights – not only bodyweight. 

A day later I was pretty sore in the chest/shoulder tie-in area.  2 days later I was very sore.  3 days later I was as sore as the 1st day.  4 days later I’m still a tiny bit sore in my triceps.  That just goes to show how little tricep and chest stimulation I’ve received in the last year. 

For quick, at-a-glance record keeping purposes I’m going to bold print a short snippet that tells me what I did in each workout like this one.  The grip training might be written down differently on paper but I haven’t decided yet.

POWER TOWER PUSHUPS-220BW-44 total reps in 10 minutes-average reps per minute: 4.4


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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