5-5-11: Fat Bar Hangs

5-5-11, Thursday


These were done by slipping two 5″ long pieces of 2.375″ diameter PVC over the pullup handles on my Power Tower.  Then hanging from them – with a thumbless grip – for time.  Easier said than done when you have a left shoulder like mine.  It hurt from the first instant of when I put full weight (it hurt even at a small fraction of my weight though) on the left shoulder. 

These hang times are not long.  They’re not being held back by my grip strength.  But this event – most likely with a 2″ barbell – is part of the KC Qualifier II on May 14th.  So I should’ve put them into my training before now probably.  But they hurt my shoulder quite a bit so I’ve put it off.  I’m going to do it at the contest otherwise I wouldn’t be messing with them now.  I want to ensure that I can at least put in a token performance to help me not lose as many points to the other guys with unimpeded shoulders. 

Doing these sets went against the Gym Movement principles.  I don’t recommend others doing that at any point in their training.  But I felt the risk was worth it to prepare myself for the stress of this event to my shoulders at the contest.  Doing something that hurts you is not going to be worth it – or recommended – to anyone usually.  But again, I made the decision to do this and I think the risk will be worth it at the contest.

Bodyweight was 220lbs.

-1st set was 10 seconds.  Hurt from the first second onward.  Used a thumbless grip.

-2nd set was 7 seconds.  I rested 3 minutes and tried to relax.  Less pain than on the first set actually.  Might be stretching out my shoulder a bit. 

-3rd set was 15 seconds.  This will be my training “max.”  I might do this exercise once more before the contest or maybe twice.  So it’s not much of a real training max but stretching the shoulder complex might do it some good anyway.  The trick is knowing how much time is going to be “okay” vs. how much time will hurt it further. 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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