Visit with family leads to overhaul of training

RADICAL TRAINING OVERHAUL – Time to put Gym Movement to work in earnest

Sounds kind of melodramatic – but it’s an accurate title.  I went to see my family on May 2nd and 3rd and (long story short) was impressed that my sister Sal, brother Joe, and cousin Kenny are making some significant physical improvements in their health and fitness levels.  In some ways I’m strong.  And in others I’m weak.  Just like everyone who strength trains of course.  But I do very little cardio.  And by cardio I mean dog walking.  Slow and not likely to increase my fitness levels even if done for twice the distances I average a week. 

I don’t currently do what I would consider bodybuilding-type training either.  And I think it’s time to start.  I want to lean up quite a bit.  I estimate I’m at 20% bodyfat right now and that’s a bit embarrassing since I have all the training tools I could ever want to increase my strength and fitness.  I have the willpower.  I have the desire to train.  I’ve just got to change my training focus from singles on mainly grip and USAWA contest events to repetition work that stimulates major muscle groups. 

I started working my chest again the day after I got home from seeing family.  Haven’t bench pressed in so long that I’d guess it’s been over a year at this point.  That’s mainly due to a shoulder injury that’s given me trouble for some years. 

Been using Gym Movement and Grip and Rip since early March and have already had very good results in my contest training.  Now it’s time to put them to use in my bodybuilding-style training.  And when I say bodybuilding-style training I don’t mean getting big and vascular muscles.  I solely want to lean out and get in better cardiovascular shape – while developing some aesthetically pleasing arm and chest muscle especially.  I’ve been blessed with legs that respond pretty well to any type of resistance training by getting more cut.  Not necessarily stronger though. 

But now it’s time to say goodbye to only training for strength and contests. 

I have been using only a small portion of the Grip and Rip 2.1 DVD that I purchased from Adam Glass.  Now it’s good that I’ll be able to put the fitness and fat loss segments to use too!  I’ve gotten my money’s worth just out of the grip section though.  I’ll probably feel like I’m robbing him and Brad Nelson when I see the results from a year of putting the information from the rest of the DVDs to use.

The chest exercise I found that doesn’t actually hurt my shoulder (it is still tender, but much less so than with any other chest or tricep exercise I’ve tried so far) is simply pushups with my hands on the Power Tower handles.  I can get a deeper stretch and it doesn’t hurt my shoulder like doing pushups on the floor does.  I’m not using any weight – just bodyweight right now.  Don’t have plans to rush into adding weight either.  I’ll add a bunch of reps (volume) before I’ll add weight. 

I still tested some movements for my chest – even though I knew from recent experience (just tried Power Tower pushups about a week ago) that the Power Tower pushups felt the best.  I wanted to make sure that they did in fact TEST the best.  They tested very well.  Nothing else tested positive over my baseline toe test.  And if you’re reading this but don’t have any idea what I’m talking about – read Adam Glass’s blog or purchase Grip and Rip 2.1.  You will be very glad you did!

My arms have never been a strong point either.  Or rather the appearance of my arms has never been a strong point.  I’m totally unconcerned now with the strength of my arms in the sense of trying to get stronger for a contest performance.  I’ll have a lot of exercises to choose from but the ones that don’t hurt my shoulder are going to be limited to about a half dozen overall.  More info on that will come in my future training posts though. 

Gotta say that it’s nice to have a new training focus that will impact the way I look to a big degree.  If I get down to about 185lbs that’s the best bodyweight for me in terms of how I look muscularly.  The journey will be fun – but I’m in it for the long haul.


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42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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