Results of KC Qualifier II Grip Contest from 5-14-11

1st) Josh Dale :mosher

2nd) Ben Edwards

3rd) Austin Acree – qualified for Grip Nationals!

Austin closed his first #3 at the contest!:rock Also hubbed his first 45 – and so did John.:cool I got some great armwrestling instruction after the contest and was really stoked about the feedback and the training itself from Scott, Josh, and John. Thanks again guys! I had a great time and my arm doesn’t hurt…yet…lol.:laugh

MMS GRIPPERS: Josh tied with Nick Zinna on the MMS grippers with a 183lb Heavy Elite. Needed to have a lower increment from 183lbs to the 195lb #4. More on Nick Zinna’s insane gripper performance(s) in a later post.:cool Nick got injured or he would’ve no doubt destroyed some of the next events.

I smashed a 179lb Elite and then failed miserably on a 183lb Heavy Elite and #3.5 of the same rating. Still a contest PR for me and I’m happy with it!

2HP: Josh won with an easy pull of 181lbs. It was raining by this point and he could’ve NO DOUBT gone well above 200lbs but he wanted to save his hands for some later pulls. And possibly he was saving up for the inevitable armwrestling instruction AFTER the contest.:whistel I pulled 171lbs and although that is super low it is a 7lb contest PR for me and was about where I thought I’d end up. Or close to it. Budged 181lbs so it’ll rise at the next contest.

2″ VBAR: I won with a hail mary pull of 301lbs righty! Got it on my 4th attempt so that’s hard to beat. Josh and I both took 251lbs as openers and high pulled that like the bar was empty. He suggested we jump directly to 301lbs and have a shot at it. I was game for that and it was a good thing we did because if I had gone the conservative route of takingHe was VERY close on 301lbs and almost got it on all 3 attempts at it. Hope someone posts the video soon. Not necessarily for the pull itself…more for the shirt I wore for the attempt.:D John weighed 165lbs and pulled 221lbs on his FIRST time doing vbar!

AXLE: Josh won with an easy 330lbs. I got 2nd with 325lbs and quit there with back worries.

WRIST DEVELOPER: Austin won this event with a hard-fought nasty effort! Josh got 2nd and I squeaked into 3rd.

MEDLEY: Josh took another dominant first. We set up some of the Grip Nationals qualifying weights and just let people run through it in a 6-minute time limit.

FAT BAR HANG: Nasty event! John won this with 10 seconds longer than Josh. I got 3rd with a 1-second longer time than Scott Harris. Scott just miscalculated and kind of accidentally re-grabbed the PVC bar with a thumb grip and that messed him up.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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