5-28-11: Chinups

5-28-11, Saturday


Tested today and pronated was better than anything else.  But when I set up to do my first chinup that way it set off some alarm bells in my left shoulder.  So I went with double supinated again today.  Didn’t have any density goals today and it was after 16 hours of work anyway so I wasn’t out to break any PRs.  Just wanted to get in some work and keep my left shoulder “used to” the stress of performing chinups. 

Bodyweight was 215lbs right before the workout started.

1st set) – BW for 1 rep     *Notes: Shoulder is tender today.  Did a single rep and knew that my workout would probably consist of doing singles.  So I decided to do some weighted singles.  A little more weight wasn’t going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

2nd set) – BW + 10lb kettlebell + 15lb kettlebell for 1 rep     *Notes: Pretty painful in the shoulder.  Got the rep but it also felt bad on my elbows.  I think that has something to do with my injury constantly telling my muscles to “put the brakes on” – and my mind is trying to overcome that braking message.  And it makes it very hard to do any pulling when the brakes are on full blast.  Technically a weight PR for the past year or so. 

3rd set) – BW + 35lb kettlebell – MISS     *Notes: Got about halfway up and my shoulder was warning me to quit so I listened.  The muscle brakes were on hard too. 

4th set) – BW for 4 reps     *Notes: A rep PR by 1.  Probably won’t add weight next workout but will instead build up some volume and then test with weight in a few months.  Or test “max” weight. 

5th set) – BW + 10lb kettlebell for 1 rep     *Notes: Just thought I’d add one more to the rep total.

This worout was completed over a 40-minute time period.  Shoulder hurt a little more than it did in the last workout.  Not necessarily a sign of backsliding though.  It might just be the fact that I got greedy and added weight to see how the shoulder would take it.  The shoulder is telling me that I’d better stick to basic bodyweight for a while.  Let it get comfortable with that and then progress from there. 

Definitely going to do more testing in my next workout.  I’ve got some ideas for a few postural changes that might help.  I also have an alternate pullup bar – the one I’m using is a Power Tower – that has parallel handles on it.  That might be easier on my shoulders than supinated or pronated. 


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42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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