6-28-11: TNS Grippers

6-28-11, Tuesday





-159lb B330N-MISS-right hand     *Notes: Missed by 1/8″.  Not really that bad after the previous crappy MMS workout though. 

-137lb #3×1-left hand     *Notes: Solid close.

-153lb GNC250x1-right hand     *Notes: Slammed shut.

-159lb RB330N-MISS-right hand     *Notes: Missed by 1/8″. 

-139lb RB210-MISS-left hand     *Notes: Very wide RB210 so the rating doesn’t do it justice.  Missed by 1/4″.  Huge miss.

-153lb GNC250x1-right hand     *Notes: Missed a 2nd rep by a sliver.  The smaller handles really make it a lot harder for me to keep it from slipping a bit in my hand.  That little bit of slippage makes all the difference in the world on a second close.  I consider the workout salvaged to some degree now.

-153lb GNC250-MISS-left hand     *Notes: Missed by 1/8″. 

-153lb GNC250x2-right hand     *Notes: Rep PR!  Got this on video.  Solid closes.

-134lb Bone Crusher 300×2-left hand     *Notes: Very hard today.

-153lb GNC250x2-right hand     *Notes: Repped it again! 








About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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