8-4-11: Reverse Bending

8-4-11, Thursday


-1/4″x6″ CRS-1018 to 44 degrees in 3 seconds. Used Ironmind pads.
*Notes: Very hard batch of 1/4″ CRS! I think this feels a lot more like CRS-1045. Not sure if it was mislabeled or what. Just bought it at Fastenal the other day. Again, I felt just fine – so this was just really hard CRS.

-6″ Grade 5 to 52 degrees in 2 seconds. Used 12″ long leather pads. Cut these down from my Steel Slayer Pads actually. They were about 15″ long.
*Notes: Felt very strong this bend.

-5/16″x6″ HRS to 75 degrees in 5 seconds. Used 12″ leathers again. Felt very strong again. Got it well past 40 degrees in my first quick hit. Just hit it again to make doubly sure since my battery was about to go out and I didn’t know if the camera would be able to take another video for a while. This was my best bend (completed) today.

-5/16″x6″ CRS to 14 degrees in 5 seconds. Used 12″ leathers. This is probably a PR kink at 6″ though. This isn’t the super easy CRS stock either. Pretty happy with the movement I got on this actually.

-Red Nail – only micro-wobbled. Used 12″ leathers. 7″ Red Nail. Felt like crap at that length.

-1/4″x7″ Square – only micro-wobbled. Used 12″ leathers. Elbow feeling a bit tender now. Should’ve tried a 6″ Grade 8 before the Red. Not sure if I would’ve been able to bend it honestly. I think the G8 is quite a bit harder than the 5/16″ HRS I have.

Not a bad entry to get back into the reverse bending groove I guess.  Will upload my official Diesel Crew Strongman Feats Grip Challenge – Reverse Bending entry later today when it finally finishes uploading. 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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