8-22-11: Mouse Pinch-55mm, 1HP-55mm, Coin Pinch, and Blobs

8-22-11, Monday


-104X1     Felt heavier than 104lbs.  This has been the standard lately – the weight feeling heavier than it really is.  Not a good sign.  Blah, blah, blah.  And blah.

-140×1     Felt about 15lbs heavier than 140lbs.  My hands aren’t tired.  The gripper workout was done much earlier in the day.  Like over 12 hours before.  So I can’t blame it on that.

-166×1     Barely got this lift.  Pulled about 9″ – when the minimum pull height in a contest is about 8.5″. 

-172-MISS     Nothing at all.

-172-MISS     Uh, nothing.

-172-MISS     Wow.  Nothing at all.  Tore my thumb web pretty badly though.  How does that happen when I don’t even move the weight? 

I want to use about 65 different curse words to describe how much this workout sucked.  But you get the drift.



-60.4×1-both hands     Pulled about 20″.  Well over the minimum 8.5″ limit.  Figured it couldn’t hurt to do more pinch since my 2-Hand Pinch session was terrible.  Torn thumb web didn’t bother me much on the 1-Hand Pinch because of the slightly different positioning I use compared to the 2-Hand Pinch setup.

-71×1-both hands     Pulled about 22″-righty and 13″ lefty.  Both were solid lifts.

-76×1-right hand, -MISS-left hand     Pulled about 16″ right hand.  Nothing lefty. 

-82-MISS-both hands     Pulled about 3″ righty and nothing lefty.  Pleased to get a little air actually.  Don’t remember what my max 1-Hand Mouse Pinch is offhand.  Have to look it up today.

-73.8×1-right hand, -MISS-left hand     Got about 6″ lefty.  Felt like my right forearm was going to snap in two.  So I stopped the 1-Hand Mouse Pinch part of this workout.



Only counted the weight of the added plates to my standard loading pin and the 2″ diameter washer that I used for the “coin”.  The width of the washer was 1.4mm and the diameter was 2″.  Also used 2 carabiners to hook it to my loading pin.  Weight was probably only 1.5lbs or thereabouts so it doesn’t matter much anyway if I just put the weight of the plates lifted.

-10.6×1-both hands     Full lifts-both hands.  Felt super easy.

-20.4×1-both hands.     Both full lifts.  Felt easy but I know this is one of those lifts where a few pounds suddenly makes it unliftable.

-30×1-both hands     Pulled about 13″-both hands.  Missed this weight first try righty. 



-50 York-pulled about 5″-right hand, -MISS-left hand     Was surprised it even left the ground considering my hands felt pretty tired from my cruddy pinch workout so far.

-50 York-PULL TO HIP-right hand!, -MISS-left hand     Very strong pull righty!  Quite happy with that since the rest of my pinch workout sucked.  Must mean that I’m finally building up some pinch strength-endurance.  That will come in handy for grip contests!

-50 York-pulled about 2″-right hand, -ASSISTED LIFT-left hand     Used my index finger placed under the edge of the Blob and gave it just enough assistance to get a full lift lefty.  Tried to resist the pull on the way down and get a slow negative.  Didn’t work out that way in real life…but I tried.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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