8-26-11: MMS and TNS Grippers

8-26-11, Friday


-Trainer-x10-both hands, -#2×5-both hands, -GNC200x1-both hands, -Bone Crusher 300×1-both hands

-137lb #3×1-both hands     Easy closes on both hands.  Hands felt very strong. 

-139lb RB210x1-both hands     Easy on both hands.  This is my wide RB210.  It is a beast (for 139lbs) to set.

-165lb Super Elite-x1-right hand, -MISS-left hand     Strong close righty and missed by 1/16″ lefty. 

-174lb Elite-x1-right hand     Strong close! 

-165lb Super Elite-MISS-left hand     Missed by 1/8″. 

-179lb Elite-x1-right hand     Slammed shut!  Missed a 2nd rep by 1/8″ though.  Thought I might have a chance of doubling this beast.  Not for a while though. 

-159lb RB330N-x1-left hand     Barely got it shut. 

-174lb Elite-x1-right hand     Slammed it shut and then missed a 2nd rep by 1/16″.  Almost got a double.

-159lb RB330N-x1-left hand     This close was solid!  That’s more like it.  Got my confidence up a bit.

-165lb Super Elite-MISS-left hand      Missed by 1/8″. 

-165lb Super Elite-MISS-left hand     Another miss by 1/8″.  Craptastic.

-174lb Elite-x1-right hand     Solid close! 

-168lb GNC300-MISS-left hand     Missed by 1/8″.  Pretty close considering this is the small-handled little beast.

-179lb Elite-MISS-right hand     Missed by 1/8″. 

-168lb GNC300-MISS-left hand     Missed by 1/16″!  Pretty close this time.

-168lb GNC300x1-right hand     Solid close! 

-151lb #3×1-left hand     Solid close.  Felt easy after my 165lb Super Elite attempts.

-169lb #3.5-MISS-right hand     Missed by 1/16″.  Dang it.

-167lb Super Elite-MISS-right hand     Missed by a sliver.  Hands were getting shot on the MMS closes.


-159lb RB330N-x1-right hand     First time TNS closing this since May!  Not really sure why that is except for maybe my focus on MMS strength due to Adam Glass’s Fall Grip Decathlon in November – in Minnesota.  Whatever the reason – I’m glad to TNS close this beast again!  Pretty solid close too.  Got it on video and I didn’t have to review video (I did though) to know it was shut.

-153lb GNC250-MISS-left hand     Missed by a sliver! 

-159lb RB330N-MISS-right hand     Missed by 1/16″.  Crap!

-165lb Super Elite-MISS-right hand     Missed by 3/16″.  Not very close.

-168lb GNC300-MISS-right hand     Missed by 3/16″. 

-168lb GNC300-MISS-right hand     Another 3/16″ miss. 

-168lb GNC300-MISS-right hand     And another 3/16″ miss.

-166lb RB300-MISS-right hand     Miss by 3/16″.  Hands were shot!

Overall I’m very, very pleased with both sections of this workout.  MMS strength was right up there – 179lb Elite close.  TNS strength was good too – 159lb RB330N. 



About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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