9-6-11 – Part 2: Mouse Pinch-52mm

9-6-11, Tuesday


Started Mouse Pinch about an hour after my first MMS gripper close.  So my hands were a little pre-fatigued, which is what I was shooting for.  I wanted to closer simulate a grip contest situation where my hands are going to be at least 4 hard attempts in the hole before starting to pinch. 

***Reapplied Dry Hands***  Wanted to experiment during this pinch workout to find out the optimal combination of Dry Hands and chalk – or whether just Dry Hands was going to work the best.  Found out it’s a combo of a base of one application of Dry Hands and several applications of chalk.

-104×1     Felt a bit slick actually.  Not sure if I messed up the Dry Hands application.  Right after writing this set down I realized that I hadn’t shaken the bottle before applying the Dry Hands.  Seems to make a difference!  Will remember to shake the bottle next time so I don’t waste this precious cargo.

-130×1     Flew right up.  Didn’t reapply Dry Hands yet.

-161-MISS     Whoa!  On this set I poured water on my hands and then rubbed them together briskly until my hands were tacky.  Thought I was going to rip this weight up but it was glued to the ground.  Totally surprised by this outcome!  Kind of glad too because it would mean that I’ve been wasting tons of chalk if I didn’t need to chalk my hands on 2-Hand Pinch all this time.

***Reapplied Dry Hands***  Now we’ll see if Dry Hands is better than tacky wetted-then dried hands.  Turns out it is way better.

-161×1     Pulled about 15″.  Dry Hands made a heck of a difference!

-172×1     Pulled about 18″.  Added chalk to the base of Dry Hands and that was the ticket.  This is the easiest 172 has felt in my memory. 

-182×1     PR!  Pulled about 15″. 

Added another application of chalk to what was already on my hands.  Walked around between this last set and shook out my hands a lot.  Temperature in the garage was 70 degrees when I finished so that meant it wasn’t quite as humid today also – which made a difference.  This is a 1-pound PR.  Nothing to write home about.  But it IS a hair over what I’m shooting for at the Fall Grip Decathlon.  It will beat my contest PR by about 11lbs if I can match it in the November contest. 

-187-MISS     Pulled about 1″ off the floor.  Ah well, glad to get a bit of movement.

-187-MISS     Pulled about 1/2″ off the floor.  Not getting any stronger.  Added chalk to my hands for both of these attempts.

-187-MISS     Nothing at all. 

-187-MISS     Nothing at all.  Had only slightly roughed up thumb webbings at this point.  Usually I’d have totally torn and bloodied thumb webbings after even a few maximal attempts. 




About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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2 Responses to 9-6-11 – Part 2: Mouse Pinch-52mm

  1. Jason says:

    Congrats on the PR!


    • bencrush says:

      Thanks Jason! It’s been a long time coming. I pulled 181lbs on 48mm back in April. So 1lb in 5 months is not ideal, lol. But it is a different pinch width – even if it’s only 4mm difference.


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