9-24-11: Rolling Thunder

9-24-11, Saturday


Used Dry Hands in this workout and was pleased with the results.  It mimics the results I get from using the “water trick” – only without the shenanigans associated with that, lol. 

-131×1-both hands     Easy warmup pull.  Could’ve skipped this and gone right to the next pull without any ill effect.

-166×1-both hands     Felt like it was only 100lbs.  Nice.  No Dry Hands yet.  But I did make sure before I started to wipe off the little bit of chalk that I had on my hands from moving grip equipment around in the garage. 

-192×1-both hands     Super strong lifts on both hands!  On video.  Applied Dry Hands for this set. 

-202×1-right hand, -MISS-left hand     Very strong lift righty.  Paused at the top for 1 second and got video.  Not bad!  Not even approaching my best pull but it’s a decent training lift for me.  Only got about 1″ of air lefty before the weight came slamming back down.

-212-MISS-both hands     Reapplied Dry Hands and was surprised that I didn’t get air on either attempt on both hands.  Did not expect 212 to stay glued to the ground.

-207-MISS-both hands     Got about 1″ of air righty and nothing lefty.  Again, thought the way I dominated 202 that I’d at least get a bit more air with my right hand but that didn’t happen. 

-207-MISS-both hands     Nothing on either hand.  Whoa.  Time to stop the workout. 

Not a bad day on either hand really.  I always feel decent if I hit 200lbs righty and 190lbs lefty – both of which I did with a little room to spare today.  All is good. 

Rolling Thunder will be in the Fall Grip Decathlon medley – at what weight I don’t know – so I’d better be ready to lift at least 180lbs even when my hands are a bit shot from other grip events.  180 is the qualifying standard for the Grip Nationals…so that’s why I’m guessing the weight in the grip medley at the Fall Grip Decathlon will be around there. 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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