9-26-11: MMS, TNS, and 20mm Block Set Grippers

9-26-11, Monday

Did a little bit of 3 types of gripper set today.  Nothing outstanding on any single one – but I like the work I got in overall.


-Trainer-x5-both hands

-#2×1-both hands

-137lb #3×1-both hands     Strong on both hands.  This is too light of a gripper (usually) for me to be able to tell how the rest of the workout is going to go – but today I knew it would be strong somehow.

-151lb #3×1-both hands     Strong on both hands again. 

-167lb Super Elite-x1-right hand     Very strong close.  Even messed up the set a little and stuttered – which is usually a death sentence for a close on a gripper at this level for me – and still squeezed the handles shut with strength to spare. 

-179lb Elite-x1-right hand     SMASHED it shut and held it closed for 2 seconds! 

I’d say I’m still on track for a low-to-mid 180lbs MMS gripper close at the Fall Grip Decathlon in 7 weeks.



-153lb GNC250x1-right hand, -MISS-left hand     Strong close righty.  Missed by 1/16″ lefty. 

-159lb RB330N-MISS-right hand     Missed by a SLIVER.  I hate missing by that close of a margin!  Seriously.  

-137lb #3×1-left hand     Barely got the close on this one.  Hands are feeling pretty shot.  Not a good sign for TNS and the other gripper work I have in mind today.

-159lb RB330N-MISS-right hand     Missed by 1/16″.  Ouch.  Close – but no cigar – again.

-139lb RB210-MISS-left hand     Missed by 3/16″.  Not even close on this gripper.

-168lb GNC300-MISS-right hand     Missed by 3/16″.  Not bad – this is about normal on this gripper for me.

-153lb GNC250-MISS-left hand     Missed by 1/16″. 

-168lb GNC300-MISS-right hand     Missed by 3/16″ again.  One of these days…

-137lb #3×2-right hand, -x1-left hand     Strong closes righty and barely got the single lefty.  Missed a 3rd rep righty by 1/8″.  Pretty shot on TNS grippers at this point. 

-#2 for 12 singles-both hands

Not sure why I can’t hammer home the last 1/16″ on the RB330N lately.  It’ll work itself out over the next few months though. 



-174lb Elite-MISS-right hand     Missed by 1/8″.  Knew this wasn’t going to go so I’m not really sure why I tried a gripper like this after the previous gripper workout…

-167lb Super Elite-MISS-right hand     Missed by 3/16″. 

-Quad Band-Gun Metal (uncalibrated)-x1-right hand     Barely got the close. 

-Quad Band-Gun Metal (uncalibrated)-x1-right hand     Strong close and a good video of the “block” (actually used my RB210 since the handle is 20mm diameter) insertion – which is something I’ve had a hard time not obstructing the view of in videos.

-167lb Super Elite-MISS-right hand     Missed by a SLIVER.  Not a bad attempt after the previous misses. 

-167lb Super Elite-MISS-right hand     Missed by a SLIVER again!  Dang it I just couldn’t close the gap on this gripper today.

-165lb Super Elite-x1-right hand     Strong close and a 1-second hold.  Funny what a difference 2lbs makes on a gripper.  Of course, this is also 1/4″ narrower spread than the slightly harder Super Elite and that makes a big difference too.

-139lb RB210x3-left hand     Strong reps.  Might’ve been able to get a few more if I hadn’t been so slow on the block insertion. 

Pretty decent 20mm Block Set Gripper workout – considering the MMS and TNS work that came before it. 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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