10-3-11: MMS and 20mm Block Set Grippers

10-3-11, Monday


Only wanted to work up to my contest opener.  6 weeks until the Fall Grip Decathlon.  Still about 12lbs heavier than I need to be in order to compete in the 199lb weight class though.  Gotta get on it!

-Trainer-x10-both hands

-110lb #2×1-both hands

-137lb #3×1-both hands     Slams on both hands.  Stronger than I have been lately lefty.  This gripper is almost never a struggle lefty – unless I’m having a terrible day.  But my closing speed lefty was very fast today. 

-151lb #3×1-right hand     Slammed shut.  Didn’t attempt lefty since I wanted to keep my left hand strong for setting the 179lb Elite. 

-166lb RB300x1-right hand     Felt a bit harder than usual.  Not worried since this happened in the last MMS workout too and I was just fine.

-179lb Elite-x1-right hand     Barely closed it.  Not happy with this so I took some rest and gave it another shot.

-179lb Elite-x1-right hand     Strong close this time!  No long pause like I’ve been doing lately but it was still a solid close so I’m fine with that.

Ended the workout on this high note.  I don’t have a gripper harder than 179lbs right now…well, that’s technically not true.  I do have a 282lb Atomgripz Hexa Band gripper.  Haha!  That won’t be closed by a human.  Ever.  At least not MMS. 



Didn’t expect any magic to happen since my top-end MMS strength wasn’t anything special today.  Wasn’t surprised in this workout.

I got my David Horne World of Grip 20mm/30mm aluminum block in the mail today and used it in this workout.  Love it!  And it’s going to get a lot of use. 

-Quad Band-Gun Metal (uncalibrated)-x2-right hand     Solid closes.  Crappy camera angle though and I am trying to get a lot better about that with the block set closes. 

-Quad Band-Gun Metal (uncalibrated)-x2-right hand     Strong closes.  Good video this time. 

-166lb RB300x1-right hand     Barely got this.  Losing strength quickly today.  Not a good thing! 

-167lb Super Elite-MISS-right hand     Missed by a sliver!  A piece of paper wouldn’t have fit between the handles. 

-167lb Super Elite-MISS-right hand     Missed by 3/16″.  Wow, terrible set and a terrible attempt. 

Workout is over as of now.  Enjoyed using David Horne’s 20mm block instead of a gripper handle like I’ve been doing for the past month or so.   


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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