10-5-11: 2-Hand Mouse Pinch-52mm

10-5-11, Wednesday


Had a pretty decent 2-Hand Mouse Pinch workout today.  Not any super weights lifted but at least I didn’t miss 172lbs – since that’s my planned opener at the Fall Grip Decathlon.  On a side note…I had the best Blob (50lb York) workout ever after my 2-Hand Mouse Pinch work was done.  Very happy about that and will post it later.

-104×1     Pulled over 18″.

-130×1     Pulled over 18″.

-156×1     Hard pull.  But still pulled it over 18″.

-161×1     Pulled it 18″.  Felt a bit stronger than I did on 156.  Must be warming up a bit.

-172×1     Hard pull.  Pulled it about 16″.  Solid lift – even though it was close to a max pull.  This pull abraded my thumb webs significantly.

-182-MISS     Pulled about 1″.  Crap.

-182-MISS     Pulled about 1/2″.  Even more crap.  Thought I might be able to do this weight today but next time I won’t be greedy and I’ll go for a bit above 170 to make sure I get some decent lifts in.

-156×3     This is actually a rep PR.  Sad, but true.  All reps were pulled 12″ and were only touch-and-go.  Never set the weight down for more than a fraction of a second after the first pull.  Felt that “broken glass” feeling in my right forearm on the 2nd and 3rd reps.  Not cool.  Thumb webs were close to tearing and bleeding on this last set. 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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3 Responses to 10-5-11: 2-Hand Mouse Pinch-52mm

  1. brent barbe says:

    have you considered that you’re using the wrong width? I don’t understand why you’re not lifting more. and, getting cut is a pretty sure sign of using the “wrong” width. hit me with an email and we can discuss this. I think there must be something odd about what you’re doing.



  2. bencrush says:


    I’ve considered that many times. I’ve done so much experimentation with what width might be more appropriate and I have never found it. I’ve worked with widths from 19mm to over 75mm. None of them have yielded much over 180lbs at my very strongest. I’ll try to find your e-mail and I’d love to go over this with you! Going to have Adam Glass check out my form when I’m at his contest November 12th. Maybe he can whip it into shape with just a quick adjustment. I’m open for anything at this point. I’ve fought my 2HP lack of strength for years now – essentially with very little payoff.


  3. Jason S. says:

    It has to be just a technique issue. Especially with your hand strength Ben. You should be pulling at least 220 I’d think even if it is a weak lift for you compared to your other strengths. I can’t wait to see when this lift “clicks” for you and you grab 30-40 pounds in a workout. It’s coming. I’m positive bud!


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