11-29-11: 2-Hand Mouse Pinch-23mm

11-29-11, Tuesday






-121.8×1     Pulled about 16″.  Felt very heavy.  Knew that it wasn’t going to be a good pinch day if I didn’t figure something out.  Something that would enable me to get a better grip on the narrow width.  I’ve pinched at this width before but it’s been a while.  It felt like my hand had grown somehow “wider” in the junction between thumb and fingers since the last time I did this width.  Probably not the case in reality.  But that’s kind of how it struck me.  Tried to dial it in from here on out. 

Used chalk on all sets.  Temperature was about 50 degrees in the garage – so not bad at all for pinching – at least compared to the 30 degrees it could be in late November. 

-127×1     Pulled about 15″.  Very hard pull. 

-130×1     Pulled about 14″.  Surprised to get this since the previous 2 pulls felt very heavy.

-132.2×1     Pulled about 15″.  Pulled this fast!  Seemed to “click” on the grip slightly.  Not sure if it just meant my hands were finally warmed up enough to feel strong but I felt like I was able to tweak my hand position a bit and found what works best on this narrow width. 

-135.2×1     Pulled about 13″.  Pulled it fast again.

-138.4×1     Pulled about 11″.  Barely got this one pulled past the minimum height marker of 8.5″. 

-141.4×1     Pulled about 13″.  Pretty strong feel to it.  Turning out to be a pretty good 2HP session after all!  Good times.

-144×1     Pulled about 14″.  Felt pretty strong on this pull!  147 is the most I’ve pulled – months back – on this 23mm width.  Can I beat that in this workout?  I don’t know.  Going to give it a shot…

-150.2×1     Pulled about 10″.  Barely got it, but it is a 3.2lb PR and I’ll take that and run with it!

-153×1     Pulled about 13″.  Another barely got it.  Now this is a 6lb PR! 

-156-MISS     Pulled about 1″.  Didn’t think I’d get it. 

-156-MISS     Pulled about 1/2″.  Oh well!

14 sets and NO SKIN TEARS!!!  None at all.  First time this has happened in my 2HP training at any width.  Usually, at 52mm – or thereabouts – I can do about 4 or 5 pulls and will start to get significant skin tearing on my thumb web.  I was really surprised that all these pulls didn’t cut me up.  Surprised in a good way! 

I don’t like this width.  But I will continue to train it – and will train it with a lot more frequency than 52mm since it will be easier to train it with skin that isn’t torn. 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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