12-15-11: Index Fingers Deadlift

12-15-11, Thursday


I have started my training for the 2012 USAWA National Grip Championships.  The events were just posted a few days ago on the www.usawa.com website.  Go there for more information regarding the contest.  I will gladly help anyone – even if I don’t know you – train for this contest if you sign up.  You won’t regret it.  Super fun contests and you get the added bonus of seeing and competing in the Dino Gym – one of the most impressive gyms in the world.

-112×1     Ouch.  Even this low weight was pretty uncomfortable on my index fingers.  Went with a conventional stance – which I don’t like because it doesn’t treat my back well.  Seems to be more conducive to keeping my index fingers on the bar compared to sumo though.  Which is how I usually pull.

-163×1     Solid lift.  Blasted it to lockout and then held at the top for one second. 

-186×1     Ouch.  Blasted it to lockout again and held for one second at the top.  Very painful on the index fingers now.

-215×1     Ouch!  Solid pull.  Held for one second at lockout again.  Very painful.  At this point I was decidedly against doing another heavier attempt.  Which is exactly why I did the next attempt!

-226×1     Ouch!!!  Very painful lift.  Held at lockout for a quick 1-count.  This pull hurt a lot. 

I won’t be training this lift very often.  No-brainer there.  Painful.  That means most other competitors won’t be training it often either.  So I need to do the opposite of what I WANT to do and train it more than my direct competition will. 

226 is about 26 pounds over the USAWA record in my weight class.  I’m shooting for about 255 at the contest. 

Bodyweight was 212 today.  Want to get closer to 198 pounds for the contest.  That will give me more points in the overall too.

About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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