12-17-11: Vertical Bar-2 Bars, 2″

12-17-11, Saturday


This is a short way of saying that I did a vertical bar workout where I held a 2″ vertical bar in each hand and lifted them at the same time.  This would be easier if I could position the vertical bars like in the Dinnie Lift.  But I can’t.  The USAWA rules require the feet to be in line with the bars and the bars to be beside the feet/legs. 

Started my training for the 2012 USAWA Grip Champs today.  This is one of 5 events that are being contested at the contest. 

-122.8-total weight-x1     Super easy.  3-second hold at lockout. 

-214.2-total weight-x1     Easy pull.  2-second hold at top.

-284-total weight-x1     Moderately hard.  Plates are banging the hell out of my legs.  Feet together at the start of the pull.  Didn’t like my feet being this close but it becomes necessary when the diameter of the 45s I’m using is large enough to make it very awkward – even with the feet touching. 

-336×1     Hard pull!  Barely dragged the plates up my legs and held it at lockout for 1 second.  This turned out to be my heaviest contest-legal lift of the day.  This is going to be my baseline max lift for training. 

For the entire workout – the right hand is using an official 2″ USAWA vertical bar.  The left hand is using a 1.9″ diameter steel pipe.  Both are 18″ long.  Both feel very similar in terms of poundage that can be lifted on them.  For training purposes this is going to be very effective.

In an official USAWA Record Day in late 2009, I set a record in this event (220 pound weight class) of 366 pounds.  Might not even hit that in a contest since I plan on being about 20 pounds lighter at this contest.  But it would be very cool to hit 400 pounds and be one of the few who have pulled that poundage on this event.  I would definitely be the lightest.  And possibly the first lifter to pull double bodyweight if I managed to do it at 198 pounds. 

-356.8-total weight-MISS     Pulled about 8″ and then my back felt like it was about to pop out of place.  I need to be especially careful with this exercise when the weight goes over 300 pounds. 

-356.8-total weight-x1     Pulled to full lockout – but no pause at all on either hand.  NOT a contest-legal lift.    

-356.8-total weight-MISS     Nothing at all.  Time to end the workout. 

Not a bad workout at all.  Was expecting to hit at least 356 for a contest-legal lift…but that didn’t happen.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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One Response to 12-17-11: Vertical Bar-2 Bars, 2″

  1. Kevin Knapp says:

    Nice Ben! Would love to see a video and your setup for this


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