2012 USAWA Grip Championships – GOALS

Follow this link to read all about the 2012 USAWA Grip Championships on the USAWA website. 


This is a 5-event grip contest.  Venue is the worldclass Dino Gym in Holland, Kansas.  Here are the events and my goals. 

Bodyweight goal is to be in a lower weight class than what I’ve competed in for 9 years in USAWA comps.  220 pound class is what I’ve competed in – every single contest actually.  Even competing in the 209 pound class would would be a new experience and would let me set new records.  Even better would be competing in the 198 pound class.  22 pounds under my normal comp weight would be pretty nice.


Dumbbell Walk: 120

Deadlift – Fulton Dumbbell, One Arm: 190

Deadlift – Fingers, Index: 255

Deadlift – No Thumb, One Arm: 280

Vertical Bar Deadlift – 2 Bars, 2″: 402

I purposely set all these goals pretty high.  About 5-10% higher than I originally set them at last week in my notebook. 

All these goals would break the unlimited weight class records. 

Time to go big or go home. 

I will choose safe openers on all the events.  Then a number that’s approaching my best contest performance.  Then the numbers above on the 3rd attempts.   



About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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5 Responses to 2012 USAWA Grip Championships – GOALS

  1. Great goals Ben! Can’t wait to see how you do buddy!


  2. Dustin Williams says:

    I know you will compete valiantly Ben!
    Do you think you will make it to the Frostbite in Feb?
    Great job with the Rolling Thunder man, I just purchased my first one
    last week and have been having fun with it, although it makes me feel like
    a little girl!
    Good Luck at the contest.


    • bencrush says:

      Thanks a lot Dustin! I won’t be able to go to the Frostbite Challenge unfortunately! You’ll get the hang of the Rolling Thunder quickly I think. Especially given your Axle performance at the Fall Grip Decathlon. I’d guess you’re probably pulling around 155-165lbs on the RT already?


      • Dustin Williams says:

        150 pretty solid on the right side. You are right, it is starting to feel a bit more natural every time I use it. I hope to see you somewhere down the road buddy.


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