My Favorite Kettlebell Workout (so far), Bike Riding, and Gripper News

Since last week’s update I’ve been doing more kettlebell training.  Not pushing hard in terms of weight used, volume, frequency, or intensity.  I’m just having fun with it and picking up my kettlebells whenever I feel like it.  No set routine most of the time.  If I feel like doing some Halos for my tight left shoulder I’ll pick up the 10lber, 15lber, or the 16kg KB and do some work. 

If I feel like my arms need more work – which honestly, they could use much more than I give them – I do some Snatches and/or Clean and Presses.  The Clean and Press is something that aggravates my left shoulder but I’ve been getting some light work in on it and doing a heavier KB in my right hand.  I’m not worried about asymmetrical development.  I’m just happy to be able to do C&P again.   

A simple workout I’ve done twice in the past week is this:

-KB Clean and Press (C&P) with one KB in each hand. 

-1 rep.  Then set the KBs down in my living room and walk through my house – it’s set up where you can walk through every room in a circular direction and end up in the same place – 1 LAP – until I reach the KBs again. 

-2 reps.  Then set the KBs down again and walk through the house – 2 LAPS – until I reach the KBs again.  This is about 20 meters.

-3 reps.  Set the KBs down again and walk through the house – 3 LAPS – until I reach the KBs again.

-4 reps.  Same as before.  Walk through the house – 4 LAPS – until I reach the KBs again.

-5 reps.  Same as before.  Walk through the house – 5 LAPS – until I reach the KBs again.

You’re seeing the pattern now.  I repeated this ladder once more and felt better after finishing the workout than before I started.  That doesn’t mean there was no benefit to the workout.  Far from it.  I got in a little walking – added to the decent amount I already do in the form of pleasure walks, dog walks, and miscellaneous walks. 

This method of doing ladders also allows for more rest between the ascending reps on the C&P – which suits me well since my cardio fitness is laughable. 

 This week I also dusted off and got our bikes ready to take for a spin around the block.  I don’t mean motorcyles…I mean bicycles.  My father-in-law gave my wife and I beautiful his and hers cruisers a few years ago.  I’m ashamed to say that we rode them a few times that first year and then didn’t get them out more than once in the past 18 months probably.  That changed this weekend though!  We took them out several times and that was a much needed change of pace from walking the dogs and garden work.  Don’t get me wrong, I like doing both of those activities usually.  But sometimes variety is the spice of life.  I had forgotten how good of a workout even a moderate hill is when there are no gears to assist the legs of the pedalers.  Good times!

Got my GHP7 in the mail yesterday and warmed up and proceeded to smash it shut with both hands with a parallel set.  That is pretty good news for my right hand – considering how much trouble I’ve had with my right forearm tweak over the past 6 months.  It really only prevents me from doing grippers.  Pretty much everything else I can do for the most part.  I also shut the GHP7 (about equal to an average #3 gripper for those that don’t know) with a 1.5″ Block Set – 3 singles – righty.  Good times and I hope my right forearm tweak is about ready to say goodbye for good and let me get back to training grippers soon! 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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