6-6-12 Lefty Gripper Training

6-6-12, Wednesday


-59lb rated Trainer-x10

-110lb rated #2×1

-130lb rated #2.5×1    

-137lb rated #3×1   *Notes: Probably could’ve done at least half a dozen reps with my easy #3. 

-GHP7 (unrated)-x1     *Notes: Barely got it.  Spring squeaked and it bound up hard at the final 1/8″.  Need to oil the spring to keep it around where it normally is in terms of how hard it feels.  Plus, I felt like there was a big chance the spring would break – that’s how hard it bound up.

-151lb rated #3×1     *Notes: Solid close and 1-second hold. 

-RB300N (unrated)-x1     *Notes: Super strong close.  3-second hold.  Could’ve repped it for at least 2 and maybe 3.

-RB330N (unrated)-MISS     *Notes: By about 1/4″.  Messed up the set and didn’t care to try it again. 

-151lb rated #3×1     *Notes: Barely got it.  Messed up the set. 

-FBBC 3X (unrated)-x1     *Notes: 5/8″ handles and they are slick.  Combine those things and it makes for a gripper that is unforgiving if you get anything wrong in terms of hand placement.  Pretty solid close though.

-RB300N (unrated)-x1     *Notes: Very strong close again. 


-137lb rated #3×1     *Notes: Solid close.  Could feel the handles “clunk” together. 

-RB300N (unrated)-MISS     *Notes: Missed by about 3/16″. 

-FBBC 3X-MISS     *Notes: Missed by about 1/8″.  This isn’t half bad on a nasty wide, slick-handled, and small-handled gripper – lefty. 

-130lb rated #2.5×1     *Notes: Slammed it shut fast. 

-FBBC 3X-MISS     *Notes: Missed by about 1/8″ again. 

-FBBC 3X-MISS     *Notes: Missed by about 1/4″.  Time to quit. 

Overall Notes: My left hand gripper strength has been off significantly for the past year or two.  Could be a slew of reasons.  Not too concerned with it.  Just glad to be able to do grippers with one hand at least.


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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2 Responses to 6-6-12 Lefty Gripper Training

  1. Jason says:

    Nice! I’ve got one of those 3X with the smooth 5/8″ brass and you’re spot on, it’s a ridiculous (in a good way) gripper with those specs.


  2. Simon says:

    Just found your website and its awesome! Is your 137 #3 a new one with the C.O.C. or an old one with just a plain #3 stamped on it. Forgive my ignorance, but what is a MMS? thx



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