Lefty Gripper Training 6-18-12


-59lb rated Trainer-x10

-110lb rated #2×1

-130lb rated #2.5×1     *Notes: Smashed so fast it didn’t feel like anything more than a #1.  Knew it would be a decent day at least.

-154lb rated #3×1     *Notes: Brand new #3 that Matt Cannon calibrated (rated) for me.  It’s a hair over 3″ wide too.  Solid close.  My other #3 is 151lbs so even 3lbs is pretty noticeable.  Especially when it’s a 3″ wide gripper.  My 151lb #3 is 1/16″ short of 3″ wide though so it’s not like it’s a night and day difference. 

-154lb rated #3×1     *Notes: Very strong close.  And a 1-second hold.

-unrated GHP7x1     *Notes: Solid close and a 2-second hold.  The GHP7 is definitely easier than my 151lb #3 and the 154lb #3.  Guessing it’s a high-140lb gripper. 



-130lb #2.5×2     *Notes: Finished off my gripper workout with a few TNS closes to make sure I’m firing on all cylinders.

-130lb #2.5 for 3 singles     *Notes: All were very strong closes. 

*Overall Notes: The MMS part of this workout was pretty strong.  Not even close to my all-time best but I need to stop comparing the performances since so many things are different now.  Not sure when I’m going to request an attempt on the Mash Monster 1.  Not in any hurry – that’s for sure. 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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