4th 5K of 2012 in the Bank

This was my 4th 5K run of the year.  Well, I ran 3.0 miles on 6-24-12…so it’s kind of splitting hairs…but…

This 5K run was remarkable – although not for the time it took.  It was the first 5K I’ve ran this year that actually felt “comfortable” the entire time.  I didn’t push the pace at any part of the run.  That paid off and I was able to listen to music with headphones and not spend the majority of the run trying to NOT THINK about the run – due to being in cardio crisis. 

I didn’t care if I had to run as slow as 12-minute miles to make this distance feel “comfortable.”  I achieved it with this run and that’s a great sign of things to come.  I enjoyed not pushing the pace.  Not breathing terribly hard at the end was also a nice change from the way my runs usually end – due to pushing the pace for the final 1/8 to 1/4 mile.

Nose-breathed the entire run to try to self-limit the pace and it worked like a charm.  I wasn’t in much cardio distress for 90% of the run.  There was a little time at the end where I was breathing harder (still through my nose) than most of the run…but that’s to be expected since the return route home has a slight uphill finish. 

Did have the mile-by-mile breakdown but lost it. 

  • Total time was 35 minutes and 57 seconds. 

  • Average mile pace was 11 minutes and 36 seconds. 

I walked .36 miles home as a cooldown and that was sufficient that my knees didn’t feel creaky and my breathing went back to normal. 

Bodyweight was 209.8lbs after the run.  First time under 210lbs in a while.  Knew this wouldn’t last since today in the afternoon we had planned (and did) to eat at India Palace.  Which is a buffet.  And I paid for it in the weight department.  It’s only temporary of course and in a few days I should be back around 210lbs.

Took the dogs out for a short walk after this to get in a little more walking so that my knees would stay lubed and ready for action. 



About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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