Longest Run of 2012 – 6K (3.72 miles) on July 5th

Bought some new Asics trail running shoes and couldn’t be happier with them.  They are awesome.  And I’m not even a trail runner.  But I tried on several pairs of shoes and they felt the best.  So I bought them even though I don’t strictly run trails.  I do run on a trail, but it’s a concrete trail, lol. 

They are very cushy on the heel – which is a big plus for me since I am a heel striker if I have my druthers.  Had planned on running 1K repeats but as soon as I took my first stride I knew it was going to be a long run.  Kept my pace slow so that I could at least go a bit further than my up-to-this-day-longest-run…a 5K. 

43 minutes and 11 seconds later I had run 6K.  That’s slow.  No surprise there.  But it’s the longest I’ve run this year by 1K.  And the longest I’ve run in probably a decade.  So it’s moving on up. 

Average pace was 11 minutes and 37 seconds per mile.  Temperature was 80 degrees at the start and 83 degrees at the finish.  I weighed before the run and after.  Was 211.6lbs before the run and 209.0lbs immediately after.  That’s what running and not drinking does for me.  I didn’t feel terrible after the run either so dehydration wasn’t a performance issue. 

I listened to headphones and realized (yet again) that I’m a lazy runner.  If left to my own thoughts my pace will inevitably slow down until I’m running slower than 12-minute miles.  I have to keep track of my time and pace every 6 minutes at the maximum or I’ll slip into slower than 12-minute mile pace and I’ve decided at the first of my running “return” that 12-minute mile pace is the absolute slowest I will consider even jogging.  Anything slower – in my opinion, for me – isn’t worth doing. 

Here’s the breakdown of each kilometer.  7 minutes and 26 seconds per kilometer is 12-minute mile pace for reference:

  • 1K: 6 minutes 56 seconds (11 minutes 11 seconds per mile pace)

  • 2K: 7 minutes 26 seconds (12 minutes per mile pace)

  • 3K: 7 minutes 9 seconds (11 minutes 32 seconds per mile pace)

  • 4K: 7 minutes 20 seconds (11 minutes 49 seconds per mile pace)

  • 5K: 7 minutes 20 seconds (11 minutes 49 seconds per mile pace)

  • 6K: 6 minutes 58 seconds (11 minutes 14 seconds per mile pace)

By the 2nd kilometer I wasn’t paying enough attention to my pace and slowed all the way to a 12-minute mile without realizing that my pace had slowed at all.  And that part of the route wasn’t hilly – it was flat.  So I can’t blame it on that.  RPE was exactly the same.  First kilometer was ran at 11 minute 11 second mile pace. 

Ran this entire distance while nose-breathing.  Could’ve ran it a bit faster if I had gulped air.  But the purpose wasn’t to break any time records.  First I had to be able to run 6K.  Then I can work on making it a bit faster.  Going farther is the next goal.  Even if it’s just a simple jump to 4 miles – a hair over 1/4 mile more than 6K. 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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