Running Performances vs. Bodyweight – Update at Sub-210lbs

On June 1st I wrote a blog post about running performances vs. bodyweight.  My bodyweight is trending downwards.  A bit slower than I would like.  But it’s headed in the right direction.  My running performances are improving from just plain running.  But they’re also improving slightly from losing a small amount of bodyweight over time. 

On June 1st I weighed 215lbs.  Yesterday (July 11th) after my run I weighed 208lbs.  So a loss of 7lbs.  I am starting to be able to feel the difference in less extra “ME” jiggling around when I run.  Whether it’s short distance or long distance. 

I’m going to repost my 215lbs-220lbs bests of this year with any improvements at the slightly lower bodyweight for reference.



***215lbs-220lbs Bodyweight*** 


  • 1/4 MILE: 92 Seconds     *Notes: May 7th.  Bodyweight was 219lbs.

  • 1 MILE: 8 Minutes 38 Seconds     *Notes: Updated this to show a 6-second improvement – but at the same bodyweight – done a few weeks after this initial running performance vs. bodyweight post.  Time Trial 1 Mile was done on June 17th.  Bodyweight was 215lbs. 

  • 2 MILES: 20 Minutes 43 Seconds     *Notes: June 12th.  Bodyweight was 216lbs. 

  • 5K: 35 Minutes 35 Seconds.  June 1st.  Bodyweight was 215lbs.

  • Haven’t Run Farther Than 5K This Year At Heavier Than 209lbs.


***Sub-212lbs Bodyweight***


  • 1/4 MILE: 84 Seconds     *Notes: July 11th.  Bodyweight was 208lbs.

  • 1K: 5 Minutes 14 Seconds     *Notes: This isn’t a distance that I ran for a time trial before June 28th so it will be included in all future comparisons. 

  • 1 MILE: NO 2012 TIME TRIAL RESULT AT SUB-212lbs    *Notes: Haven’t tested it lately but I think it will be improved around 10 seconds when my weight hits 205lbs. 


  • 3 MILES: 33 Minutes 30 Seconds     *Notes: June 24th.  Bodyweight was 211lbs.  If I had just ran another .1 miles I would’ve beaten my 2012 5K time.  Oh well.  I ran out of gas and was overheated. 

  • 5K: NO 2012 TIME TRIAL RESULT AT SUB-212lbs     *Notes: Ran once at sub-210lbs but it wasn’t a time trial.  Should be significantly faster when I try it next. 

  • *Notes: This is where my 215lbs-220lbs list ended.  I hadn’t run farther than 5K up until July 5th.  Chalk that up to a perk of slightly lower bodyweight too.

  • 6K: 43 Minutes 11 Seconds     *Notes: July 5th.  First time running 6K in 2012.  Bodyweight was 209lbs. 

  • 4 MILES: 47 Minutes 12 Seconds     *Notes: July 8th.  Bodyweight was 209lbs. 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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