Time Trial 1/4 Mile Comparison – 219lbs bodyweight vs. 208lbs bodyweight

Went to the track yesterday and warmed up thoroughly.  Compared to the 4-mile run I did the other day where I felt miserable.  Well, I still felt terrible after the run.  The 1/4 mile runs always do that to me.  Much worse than the longer runs.  Guess it’s the lactic acid buildup. 

Improved my time by 8 seconds from 2 months ago.  I’m also down 11lbs from that other time trial so that makes a big difference I’m sure.  Pretty slow.  No surprise.  And no excuses.  Need to work harder.  I’m actually enjoying testing myself a bit here and there. 

When I woke up yesterday I didn’t have the run distance planned.  I felt more like running a slow mile or maybe 2 miles.  But the temperature was very nice – 68 degrees – so I seized the day and went to the track. 

Walked 1/4 mile to get ready for the first lap.  After stretching and doing some controlled ballistic leg swings.  Took my time on the stretching because I knew it would be my luck to pull a hammy running one of the slowest 1/4 mile times ever claimed. 

Here are the comparisons by bodyweight.

  • 1/4 MILE: 92 Seconds     *Notes: May 7th.  Bodyweight was 219lbs.


  • 1/4 MILE: 84 Seconds     *Notes: July 11th.  Bodyweight was 208lbs.

 I’m almost surprised there wasn’t more difference between the two times.  I felt like I was going as fast as my body would allow me to go yesterday.  I was stumbling slightly and felt like at any second I would fall flat on my face.  I have the utmost respect for people running world record times in the 1/4 mile. 

I tried to break my 1/4 mile 2012 best recently and failed by a second or two.  Don’t remember offhand.  This run made up for that.  Wore my racing shoes and listened to Rammstein. 

If I can restrain myself long enough to get down to sub-200lbs I’d like to run another 1/4 mile time trial and see what the difference is compared to now. 

About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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One Response to Time Trial 1/4 Mile Comparison – 219lbs bodyweight vs. 208lbs bodyweight

  1. chuck says:

    nice job…the quarter is a grueling run.


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