Set 5 USAWA Records in the 95kg Weight Class on Sunday

The Ledaig Record Day on July 15th was a blast!   

My first goal for the Ledaig Record Day was to compete in the 95kg weight class.  That’s an upper limit of 209lbs.  Since 2002 I’ve competed in the 220lb class for all but one USAWA contest.  And that was in 2005 – when I competed in the 105kg (231lbs) weight class. 

I knew the records would essentially take care of themselves if I could make weight. 

No problem making weight since I’ve been running often and watching what I eat for the last 6 weeks. 

On my 37th birthday, May 27th, I weighed 226lbs.  At the contest I was 205lbs.  If I had needed to go a bit lower I could’ve stripped down to my underwear and been 204lbs. 

I’ll comment more later on the details of what everyone did and my observations of the contest site and the individual performances of the competitors. 

For now, here were my records:



220lbs-both hands

*Notes: Could’ve gone higher in weight on both hands.  Didn’t feel the need.  Broke the record on both hands by 15lbs.  I think 242lbs on both hands would’ve been realistic if I had pushed it. 



242lbs-left hand

254.5lbs-right hand

*Notes: Could’ve gone higher lefty for sure.  I pulled 254.5lbs off the ground at least 3 times left handed but couldn’t get a legal lift on it.  The vertical bar was brand new and had no chalk on it.  It was too pretty to get dirty by chalking it up so I went barehanded.  Not sure how much I broke the record on both hands but it was a lot.  I think 260lbs righty would’ve gone had I spent more time messing with the tackiness of my hand. 




*Notes: Could’ve gone quite a bit heavier on this one too.  I ran out of time and before I had to start my 3-hour drive back home I just tossed the bar on the ground and loaded enough weight to break the current 95kg weight class record by 5lbs. 





About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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