Training this week

July 29th I did Parallel-Grip Pullups when I got home from our 9-hour drive back from Denver to visit the in-laws. 

August 1st I did Dips.

Also yesterday I did repeats on the trail where I run. 

Anyone reading this expecting to see fast running times should just do themselves a favor and navigate to another blog, lol.  But seriously.  I’m only keeping track of my sub-mediocre times here on my training blog because I can start to throw away the thousands of pieces of paper (some of it is in notebooks) that I keep with every workout I do written down on them.  It’s gotten to be like an episode of Hoarders – the TV show.

Since I’ve decided to focus more on shorter distances – mainly so I can do other training and still have some time left over, plus it will help keep me a bit stronger for my lifting, which I’ve been doing less often because I just don’t have the time to do 5 workouts a week anymore – I stuck with 400 meter repeats.  Did three 400-meter repeats.  Separated by 5 minutes each.  Then with the same rest period – I went straight into 200-meter repeats.  Three of those.  Felt like I could do a lot more but I’ve been getting some advice to ignore that feeling and call a workout done before I’m bushed – at least most of the time.

1st 400-meter repeat: 1 minute 45 seconds

-rest 5 minutes (comfortable walking)

2nd 400-meter repeat: 1 minute 47 seconds

-rest 5 minutes

3rd 400-meter repeat: 1 minute 57 seconds

-rest 5 minutes

Now I went into 200-meter repeats

-rest 5 minutes

1st 200-meter repeat: 49 seconds

-rest 5 minutes

2nd 200-meter repeat: 51 seconds

-rest 5 minutes

3rd 200-meter repeat: 54 seconds

-rest 5 minutes

*Overall Notes: Pretty pleased with the way these turned out.  It was about 90 degrees.  Pretty warm and I should’ve gone out to run way before it got that hot.  None of the repeats were max effort.  I’ll admit that some of them were pretty close to it though.  I want to train to get used to (as much as possible at least) the feeling of the lactic acid buildup that happens (for me) around the 200-meter mark. 

The first (and fastest) 400-meter repeat was about 21 seconds slower than my best 400-meter time trial this year.  It felt pretty rough to be honest.  Probably wouldn’t have been able to match my best time yesterday even if I had tried hard.  My goal was only 2 minute repeats and on the 3rd repeat I felt like I barely got it done and a 4th would’ve been over the 2-minute self-designated time limit. 

The goal for the 200-meter repeats was 60 seconds.  So all of them were well within that time period.  I could’ve done a lot more of them but figured I’d hedge my bets and just stop there.  More running might irritate my sciatica if I’m not cautious about it.





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42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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