100 Meter Repeats Again

8-3-12, Friday

The did 100-meter repeats a little over 2 weeks ago.  And was not surprised then – or now – at how incredibly sluggish I feel during sprinting “attempts.”  That’s what they feel like since I don’t consider them to be successes yet.  It’s not only about the elapsed time in my opinion.  It’s about how the 100 meters “feels.” 

Today I did three 100-meter repeats.  Unlike last time, I rested a lot longer to try to eke out some slight time improvements.  Turns out that resting over 3 times longer really didn’t have a positive effect on my 100-meter times for the first 2 repeats. 

I walked 400 meters to the trail.  Then 100 meters to the starting line.  Did my first run and walked 600 meters – then stretched.  After the 2nd run I walked 700 meters and then stretched.  Finished my last run and then walked 500 meters to my house.  Why did I keep track of all the walking?  Because my brain works like that. 

  • 1st 100-meter run: 20.13 seconds

  • rest 10 minutes

  • 2nd 100-meter run: 17.34 seconds

  • rest 15 minutes

  • 3rd 100-meter run: 15.23 seconds

Temp was 90 degrees but didn’t feel that bad for some reason.  Must not have been as humid as it has lately. 

What did this workout teach me?  That I’m very slow.  So it really didn’t “teach” me anything in that regard.  But it did give me some incentive to break that pathetic 15.23 second performance over my knee by the end of the year.  These weren’t electronically timed.  I just held my stopwatch in my right hand and hit it when I took off and then when my foot hit the 100-meter mark on the trail.  Very basic. 

Bodyweight was 208lbs. 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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