1,200 meter jog

8-14-12, Tuesday

Nothing special about this.  Just blowing the cobwebs out.  Had to drop my Toyota off at the shop so I figured I’d go ahead and jog back home to get in a bit of running. 

Ran it in 8 minutes and 6 seconds.  Or about 10 minutes and 48 seconds per mile pace.  Felt like what a long run pace should feel like.  Which is to say it felt very slow and pretty relaxed.  Running the much faster 400 meter distance more often is making the long run pace feel ridiculously slow.  That’s part of the point so I’m happy about that.

Nose-breathed the entire run.  Wore my new Asics.  The Asics are way too cushioned for my taste.  I like them to walk around in.  But running in them feels like I’ve got a couch cushion strapped to each foot. 



About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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