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Are you SURE there is a gate on the damn roll off bin?


My wife ordered a roll off bin that was delivered to our side yard a few days ago.  I began loading various containers up with roofing trash the day it was delivered.  And inevitably, I had to empty those containers when they got full.  So I made sure to get the most out of my time and loaded the biggest container up as heavy as I could get it.  With some bricks, some bits of stone, nails, old shingles, everything that would fit in there and then some.  There were items sticking out over the top of the container by the time I wheeled it to the roll off bin. 

I walked around the bin to see if there was an area that was a bit lower and offered an easier way to get the load in besides heaving the container up over the side of the bin and then dumping it in that way. 

Having never been around a roll off bin – besides seeing them on the street at construction sites occasionally – I wasn’t aware that the front part of the bin can indeed be opened like a gate when you use your brain a bit to figure out how to accomplish that with the levers on the side of the bin.

I didn’t walk around to the front of the bin is what I’m getting at.  If I had, I would’ve seen that the front was a gate that could be opened.  I walked around the back and saw both sides of the bin.  That was enough to convince me that “normal” people must have to enlist the help of a friend or several friends to dump heavy loads over the side of the bin. 

I’m a good guesser of weight.  That comes from years of lifting things.  Competing in a bunch of lifting meets and just plain moving heavy things here and there.  I’d guess the heaviest container was 300lbs at least.  So instead of walking to the front of the bin and levering open the door so that I could pull the wheeled container up a foot and then dump it into the body of the bin – I proceeded to wrestle/heave the container over the side of the bin.  The top of the bin was over my head.  So it took a while with the awkwardness of the lifting I was forced to use to get it over the side of the bin. 

When I finally got the container to the top of the bin gravity took over.  I was glad for that until I realized one of my gloved fingers was caught in the axle of the container and the weight started to slowly drag me over the side of the bin with it.  My hands are pretty tough so I didn’t panic although I didn’t want to take a ride into the nasty bin with some of the smelly stuff I had dumped previously – in much smaller containers. 

My wife got home and after she heard how proud of myself I was for loading the heaviest container up by myself she got a pitying look on her face and I then realized there was probably a gate of some kind to facilitate loading of heavy containers.  Got a good laugh out of it and true to form – I made things much harder than they had to be. 


About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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